Our text encryption service is like a secret decoder ring on steroids! It uses AES-256-CBC encryption, currently considered the "big kahuna" of the encryption world. With a beefy password, your data can be safely scrambled and then unscrambled later, like a high-tech breakfast, keeping it safe from any sneaky peepers.

Remember though, using our service is at your own peril, kind of like trying to pet a wild badger. We can't take responsibility for any data losses or other boo-boos that could occur from using our service. For more of the nitty-gritty, check out our privacy policy.

Every person has the right to privacy, even more so than the right to arm wrestle. Our text encryption service gives you the chance to send highly sensitive data over iffy emails or messengers. The longer and tougher the password, the more it becomes like trying to find a needle in a haystack... if the haystack was the size of the universe. Your password should be at least as long as a good joke (10 characters) and include special characters, digits, and both uppercase and lowercase letters. For instance, Hj%1§hhZk$$ would be a password that could give a supercomputer a headache.

Happy encrypting!

George A. Rauscher, the Encryption Enthusiast!